Thursday, 2 July 2009

Analysing the Tudor Title Sequence.

The opening title sequence of the Tudors begins with an image of the crown. This image indicates power and complete control. We then see a cut of a well known image of Henry VIII. This powerful image throws a lot of information about what this series will be about. We are then cut into an image of the actor of Henry VIII in this series which then vanishes. Then we see images of the Tudors come in from all sides and leave the same way.

We are then immediately introduced to a young looking woman with a smirk. This tells us that this lady is Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s second wife. We are then thrown straight back when we see a strong but sad looking woman holding a cross. The cross connotes that this woman is religious, and the worried expression on her face makes us expect to see more of this woman and therefore puts speculation on this women.

We are then shown an extreme close up of all the characters, but suddenly we see a very fast cut of a man whispering into the ear of a man wearing a religious looking robe. This image is then followed by an image of the same religious looking man holding money. These two images give the impression that the church could be corrupt. As we see the rest of the close ups of the characters we see an image of a man pulling out a knife. This image creates many different ideas about this character, and we suspect a lot about him.