Monday, 27 April 2009

Research task:Eastenders

Eastenders is on BBC1 every weekday except wednesday. It comes on at 8:00pm every day except on Monday and Friday when it starts at 7:30. On 26th December 2007 Eastenders has ratings of 30,000,000, which just missed the top spot of highest ratings on christmas day 2007 from Deal or No Deal. Eastenders started in 1980 and is still around.

Television Drama brief

By the end of this project you must have:
  • A sketchbook full of thorough, beautifully presented research and planning and/of a thorough , detailed research and planning blog.
  • A textual Analysis essay ,analysing an exsisting television drama pro-gramme.
  • A storyboard for the title sequence for your own, original television drama programme.

You may also have:

  • A filmed and edited DVD of your own origional title sequence.