Monday, 8 June 2009

Analysis of Dexters title sequence

This is my analysis of dexers title sequence.
Textual Analysis of T.V. Drama Title Sequence


· To perform textual analysis

· To consider the ways in which moving image texts communicate.
· To be able to plan and write a textual analysis essay on a T.V. drama title sequence.


What is the purpose of a title sequence? Note down some ideas.

- Name of show.

- Setting – place, people, time.

-T.V. dramas theme tune.

-Actors who play the characters.


Thursday, 4 June 2009

Textual Analysis-Moving Image Text

  • To be able to identify different camera shots, angles and movements
  • To understtand the ways in which meaning is created in moving a image extract.
The T.V. Drama series 'Manhattan Murders' was created by my group which included me, Gurdeep Dhillon, Ben Homer and Daniel Avery. It is about a murderer who only targets women and is never caught by the police. The series is on at 10pm on ITV and is a bit gruesome.